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"The quality of her food, recipes, presentation, and service has always exceeded expectations. I have yet to have an experience with her whereby multiple guests do not rave about the food, ask who prepares it, and seek out her services for their next event. It’s always a pleasure to work with her!"

-Brad J.

"Nicola has catered multiple events for me over the last few years, both with personal and professional needs. What I love about her work is that she always takes extra effort to accommodate for all of my guests needs, such as allergies or dietary restrictions.  She makes hosting and daily life easy when you are trying to live a healthy and balanced life. I highly recommend her for dinner parties and for family meals. While she prepares gorgeous and healthy crowd pleasers I can attend to my guests and enjoy. It removes all the stress."

-Delia S.

"Nicola's chef capabilities are limitless. Beyond that, I was well impressed with this professional, diligent, highly skilled, troubleshooting mastermind. Few people these days seem to have this combination of remarkable aptitude...especially in Los Angeles. Thanks for giving me hope for the human race atop a happy belly."

-Jesse E.

"Nicola is not only a pleasure to work with, but her food is delicious.  She caters all of her menus to your dietary needs and manages to make food with even the most restrictions taste incredible."

-Natasha F.

"Nicola cooked weekly meals for my family while I was on maternity leave, adhering to my strict post pregnancy diet, my husband's particular tastes, and my toddlers as well.  Nicola works closely with her clients to make sure all their dietary needs are taken care of, as well as managing to make healthy food taste delicious!"

-Sara S.

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